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Location / Tourism

Where is the playing venue? And how do I get there?

We will be playing in the "Heinrich Pesch Haus". You can also stay overnight directely in the house.
Unfortunately the website of the "Heinrich Pesch Haus" is only in German. However we will provide all information you may need.
On their website you can find some pictures of the house and the rooms. We will show some photos we made later.

Heinrich Pesch Haus
Street: Frankenthaler Straße 229 
City: 67059 Ludwigshafen

The Heinrich Pesch Haus gives a journey description in German. As it shows two maps, it might be helpfull even if you do not speak German.

We have directions with pictures and detailed descriptions as PDF file. It shows you how to get to the venue by train (from the train station).

Look up the location at google maps.


What has Ludwigshafen to offer?

Ludwigshafen is in a great location to explore many touristic highlights.

We offer a short tourist programme.

Additional information to follow...