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54 participants have registered so far!

  1. 54 participants have registered so far!
    Several more players have announced their intention to come!
    The range of the players starts from very beginner to experienced players (5 Dan).
    Apart from the European players we have more than 15 players from Asia.
    We also have a very broad age range this time: Several children younger than 10 years will play. And the oldest player is almost 70 years old.
  2. WOSC
    It is possible to skip rounds in the WOSC under certain circumstances.
    If you are not able to start on Friday because you did not get vacation or you have to leave earlier on Sunday for you flight, that is ok.
    But you should play all rounds if possible. And you have to give notice to us early in advance!
  3. When you leave a comment or ask any questions in one of the registration forms, you have to specify your e-mail address if you want us to get in contact with you!
  4. Professional Players
    Hiroharu SETO, 6. Dan will join the ESC/WOSC as the official representative from NSR.
    Two more professional players will visit our event. I can now give you the names:
    Shohei TAKADA, 6. Dan and
    Katakami DAISUKE, 6. Dan (on Thursday only)