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The Tournaments

There are three tournaments at this Event:

  • The World Open Blitz Championship on Thursday evening
    The Blitz Tournament is a tournament with short time limit and completely separate to the others.
  • The European Shogi Championship (ESC) is a Knock-Out tournament with 5 rounds
    It is restricted to the top 32 European players.
  • The World Open Shogi Championship (WOSC) as a McMahon tournament with 8 rounds
    The ESC is integrated in the WOSC. All players from the ESC Knock-Out will enter in the WOSC.

Please pay attention to the Tournament Details and the Schedule.

The deadline for registration has been postponed!
There is no deadline for the WOSC anymore. The deadline for the ESC is Monday, the 11th of July 2011.


All tournamants will be played in the Heinrich Pesch Haus.


  • Participation in the ESC/WOSC 25 €
  • Participation in the blitz tournament 5 €
  • Meals 15 € (for three full lunches)