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On Thursday there will be an fun shogi tournament.
It will start about 13:00 and ends at about 16:00.
You can join any time you want!

The setting:

  • Thinking Time: 3 minutes for each player. No byoyomi. Be warned: This is very quick!!
  • The more games you play the more points you will get. It is allowed to play against the same opponent more than once. Games against unique opponents count a bit more than games against players you already have played against.
  • The better you win ratio, the more points you get.

The exact formula is: 

w => wins
gf => games factor => (additionalGames*1.5+uniqueGames)*1.2


Why is the formula so complicated? => because it is fun!?!

Here are some examples:

  first player second player example example 2  
games 3 4 4 6  


2 2 3 3  


105 91 137 112  

The rules:

  1. Every player gets a number. Take your number
  2. Find an opponent. You have to look for an opponent yourself. Just ask other players.
  3. Enter your player number in the little results sheet besides the board.
  4. Go to a free board with your opponent. Check the clock (3 minutes). Make furigoma.
  5. Start the game.
  6. Use only one Hand for the whole game!! One hand to move the pieces and the same hand to press the clock!
  7. The move is finished when the clock is pressed.
  8. When your opponent points to an illigal move you made (and that just happend or is still on the board) please resign. 
  9. If you mess around the pieces to much, please resign.
  10. You win if your opponent is mated or if you take you oppopents king or if your opponent has no time left on the clock.
  11. Write down the result of the game on the little sheets beside the board.
  12. Put the results sheet into the results box.
  13. Start a new game.

Have fun!!!

Players that do not have fun may be disqualified.