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About us

Many people help to organize this event and contribute to make it a success.
Here you find some people of the team.

Main Organization

Frank Rövekamp - Board Member of Shogi Deutschland (International Contacts)
Oliver Orschiedt - Leader of "Shogi Kurpfalz", Webmaster of and Tournament Organisator of Shogi Deutschalnd

Youth Tournament

Egmont Wittenberger - Team-Leader of Youth Chess and Shogi in Stuttgart


Jochen Drechsler - President of the German Shogi Association (Shogi Deutschland e. V.)
                 and Vice-President of the Federation of European Shogi Associations (FESA)


Shogi Deutschland e. V. - The German Shogi Association

The Chess-Club "Schachklub Ludwigshafen 1912 e.V.

Deutsch-Japanische Gesellschaft Rhein-Neckar e.V.

150 Years German-Japanese Friendship
This Event is an official Event of the 150 jubilee year. Consul General Shigeeda will start the event with the opeing ceremony.


The Nihon Shogi Renmei supports this event with money and material material. They will also send one professional players to accompany the event.

We have already some private sponsors that support the ESC/WOSC with money or material. We hope to collect some more private donations. If you want to support us with money, you can do so soon on our special donation page.