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The Blog about the ESC / WOSC 2011 is ready to start

The most important information about the tournaments can be found on this website now.
Not all side events are fully arranged. We will keep you informed.

We want to use this blog to point to new topics, content or changes. 
Furthermore we will publish  background information and complementary articles.

The main organizers of the ESC / WOSC 2011 are Oliver Orschiedt und Frank Rövekamp.

Responsible for the final review and author of (most) blog entries is Jochen Drechsler.

What is in the pipeline for the next days?

  • Donations Page
    We want to provide the possibility of direct donations for the ESC / WOSC 2011 through paypal.
  • Press Material
    We will offer miscellaneous Information for the press:
    Pictures, Artikles, Interviews, Links
  • Pictures of the Heinrich-Pesch-Haus

I am looking forward to these great events!

See you there and then,

Jochen Drechsler.